I’m all signed up.. The Barcelona Marathon


That’s right. You all knew it was coming.. I have signed up to a marathon. It has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager and after managing to force myself around 3 half marathons in the last year, I feel ready to take on the new challenge!

It’s only 12 and a half weeks away (scary) and I currently feel as though I’ve been hit by a bus due to a weird cold meets flu bug cocktail that makes the thought of going running seem impossible. I’m so not ready..

It hasn’t been the best few weeks to start training. Despite being December, the weather in London has been quite mild.. but work has been relentless. I’ve been travelling. Drinking. And generally getting a bit run down.

Fearful of injury.. fearful of failing! However I remain optimistic and despite my cold-flu-cocktail, I’ve tried to set myself up with some – hopefully – achievable ground rules and goals that will form the basis of my training plan over the next few months.

  1. Three Runs a Week – Okay, so I’m obviously not speaking from experience here but certainly during my half marathon training I discovered that less is more when it comes to running. Some people can achieve 5 runs a week, but it just leaves my legs feeling a bit battered. Instead I’m going to keep it to a solid three. Easy ?
  2. Different Paces – My aim is to have 2 shorter ones and 1 long run a week. Using my trusty running watch, I’m going to try and force myself to put some interval work and tempo sessions in to the mix. They’re not enjoyable but I can’t seem to open up Runners World without reading how good it is to vary your runs..
  3. Cross Training – To make up for only three runs a week, I’m aiming to balance it with 2 other forms of cardio work (Spin ? BodyAttack ? Boxing ?). It gives my legs a rest whilst continuing to train my aerobic system. I’d love to have swimming in the mix but with an injured rotator cuff I don’t think I’m going to be in the pool any day soon.
  4. Circuits – Without a few handy squats here and there, I have a tendency towards a very very flat arse. Plus, a little bit of power and core work won’t go amiss I’m sure to injury prevention. One session a week is all I’m striving for right now.. With 5 other days spent doing other activities, I think that’s more than enough!

Unfortunately, despite these fantastic intentions, I haven’t achieved any of the above consistently. It’s going to be a long dark winter.. Barcelona here I come!

Back into blogging..


Good grief.. it’s been a while hasn’t it ? After a couple of years of dutifully blogging away about beauty – with a smattering of health, fitness and my habits in general – I stopped. Work had started to creep into every aspect of my life, I moved house four times, a whole host of general ‘life stuff’ happened.. and blogging started to feel like a bit of a chore. Once the bug was lost, I stopped writing content and apart from instagram my blog just sort of disappeared from the internet.

Slowly though, the craving has come back. Work has settled. I rent a room in a happy little flat in London and the itch to do something a bit creative on the side has returned. With a healthier work-life balance, I miss having a little spot on the internet filled with my musings and moments.. So here I am again.

A year later – how is it going to be different ? Well I doubt many of my followers still follow-me and I’m not as beauty product obsessed as I used to be. Instead – I hope – this will be a little hub all about my continued love of health and fitness. Running has become a big part of my life and trying to achieve the optimal level of ‘balance’ is hard when you work full-time and attempt to have a satisfying social life. So here goes.. I’m excited.

Throughout my hiatus, even though I was not blogging, I continued to read and be motivated by bloggers – who really deserve all the credit for my continued desire to get back into the swing of things. Do check out some of these inspirational ones in particular – Twins In Trainers, A Rosie Outlook, Sarah Fit & Jayne Becca Yoga. Oh and of course the instagram wonder that is Hannah Hindmarsh.