Back into blogging..


Good grief.. it’s been a while hasn’t it ? After a couple of years of dutifully blogging away about beauty – with a smattering of health, fitness and my habits in general – I stopped. Work had started to creep into every aspect of my life, I moved house four times, a whole host of general ‘life stuff’ happened.. and blogging started to feel like a bit of a chore. Once the bug was lost, I stopped writing content and apart from instagram my blog just sort of disappeared from the internet.

Slowly though, the craving has come back. Work has settled. I rent a room in a happy little flat in London and the itch to do something a bit creative on the side has returned. With a healthier work-life balance, I miss having a little spot on the internet filled with my musings and moments.. So here I am again.

A year later – how is it going to be different ? Well I doubt many of my followers still follow-me and I’m not as beauty product obsessed as I used to be. Instead – I hope – this will be a little hub all about my continued love of health and fitness. Running has become a big part of my life and trying to achieve the optimal level of ‘balance’ is hard when you work full-time and attempt to have a satisfying social life. So here goes.. I’m excited.

Throughout my hiatus, even though I was not blogging, I continued to read and be motivated by bloggers – who really deserve all the credit for my continued desire to get back into the swing of things. Do check out some of these inspirational ones in particular – Twins In Trainers, A Rosie Outlook, Sarah Fit & Jayne Becca Yoga. Oh and of course the instagram wonder that is Hannah Hindmarsh.


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